5 Self-published Books I’ve Read This Year

Despite the fact that ~700,000 indie books are published each year, they can be tricky to find, since they don't get the same press as traditionally published books. These five books deserve to be plucked from the slush pile.


Author Interview: Deena Byrne

Deena Byrne is the author of not one, not two, but three fantasy novels! In this interview, she discusses the themes in her novels, her writing process, and her experience with self-publishing.

23 Resources for Self-publishers

The publishing industry is changing—I mean, Pangaea-during-the-Jurassic-Period changing. Many of the changes in the publishing industry are making it easier for self-publishers to get a foothold in the book market, but easier doesn't mean easy. Even with the rise of e-books, blogs, and print-on-demand  services, self-publishers still have to climb a steep road to success. These 23 resources can … Continue reading 23 Resources for Self-publishers