What do great book titles have in common?

A highly effective title is not just catchy. It is true to the book. It provides a sample of the writing style and the story to come. That's a big job for one little sentence fragment! Luckily, fantastic titles have some elements in common. Mix and match these elements to create your own legendary title.

Around the World in 10 Books

One of the things I'm most grateful to my parents for is their push for me to travel. By the time I was sixteen, I had tramped all over the United States and visited six countries. Not bad, especially since we always lived in the same small town in Tennessee (which I love dearly). Still, … Continue reading Around the World in 10 Books

Pictures of Hollis Woods: can places have souls?

I've devoured several new and brilliant books in the last few weeks, but today I'm in the mood for a throwback. The first time I read Patricia Reilly Giff's Pictures of Hollis Woods, I was ten, maybe eleven? I read it again when I was fifteen or sixteen, then again when I was around nineteen. Something I've noticed … Continue reading Pictures of Hollis Woods: can places have souls?