9 Lessons from 99Designs

Writing is a form of art, but many of us writers bemoan our "artistic" skills. We paint pictures with words, not brushes! Fortunately, when book-cover-design-time rolls around, there are many online platforms to connect writers with visual artists. 99Designs is one of the most popular platforms. It works like this: Writers create a "brief" describing their … Continue reading 9 Lessons from 99Designs


9 Terms You Need to Know When Querying Agents

Literary agents know their stuff--and if you want to get signed by a literary agent, you need to know your stuff too. When agents describe what they're looking for in a novel, they tend to lapse into industry jargon. It's confusing stuff, even for those of us who sprinkle words like fastidious and coruscant throughout our writing. Still, understanding what agents want is crucial to finding the right agent (or, indeed, any agent) for your project. That means you have to learn to translate the jargon.

How to Make a Writer Jump on the Bed

Step one) Be an amazing editor. A Simon & Schuster/Penguin Random House/Harper Collins expat. The magic behind the pages of Ken Follet, Isabel Allende, Jennifer Weiner, Bruce Springstein, Cyndi Lauper... Someone who says "for me, the goal of every edit, no matter how big or small, is to build a stronger bridge between writer and … Continue reading How to Make a Writer Jump on the Bed