What do great book titles have in common?

Titles are the bait that authors use to hook readers. A highly effective title is not just catchy. It is true to the book. It provides a sample of the writing style and the story to come. That's a big job for one little sentence fragment! While considering different titles for my novel, Eleanor and the … Continue reading What do great book titles have in common?


9 Terms You Need to Know When Querying Agents

Literary agents know their stuff--and if you want to get signed by a literary agent, you need to know your stuff too. When agents describe what they're looking for in a novel, they tend to lapse into industry jargon. It's confusing stuff, even for those of us who sprinkle words like fastidious and coruscant throughout our writing. Still, understanding what agents want is crucial to finding the right agent (or, indeed, any agent) for your project. That means you have to learn to translate the jargon.