Eleanor’s world is small, exactly three acres small…

but she’s not as anxious to escape as you might think. Everything she needs to complete her life’s work is at hand: her magnifying glass, her garden, and Maggie, the glorious storyteller who lives next door. It’s only a matter of time and faithfulness before she achieves her goal: proving that the fairies from Maggie’s stories are real.

When Maggie began telling fairytales to the strange little girl who lived in the mansion next door, she was only having fun…

but fun soon turned into golden opportunity. Eleanor’s guardian is willing to pay Maggie to keep the child entertained, and for the first time in her life, Maggie can earn a stable living in one place–provided that she can maintain the spell she has cast over Eleanor.

But when a boy shows up in Eleanor’s garden, after years of fruitless fairy-hunts, things begin to wobble.

Eleanor struggles to choose between the elusive magic of her childhood and the very real enchantment of her first love, who urges her to consider new ideas.

Discover the beauty of innocence, the perils of devotion, and the power of imagination in a story that will sing to your inner child: Eleanor’s Story.

(release pending)