Greetings all!

I have piles of excerpts to share with you, but, as sometimes happens, life has interrupted what I wanted to say with its own message.

Yesterday morning, I was driving from my parent’s home, in the country, back to my apartment, in the city (bleh! happily, I’m leaving soon!) As I wound my way through some of Tennessee’s green, green hills and crossed a creek full of pearly fog, I caught a glow of color in the clouds above my head. I rounded a bend, and there was a rainbow, in full glory!

As if the rainbow wasn’t enough, the CD I was listening to switched to this song:

May the Kindness” (cover by Teresa Horgan)

May the kindness that starts with you / turn full circle when it’s due / and the flame that warms your heart / burn with love as now we part

Cause true beauty grows with time / there’s no need to hide the light / and true glances reciprocate / now is the moment worth a lifetime’s wait

With a gentle healing touch / untwist this mind that once promised so much / with simplicity once more new / recognize our place in worthwhile things to do

Ancient teachings still hold water / many cultures born of this earth / with a currency not gold but love / recognize at last our equal right to burst

So share a moment, hold a hand / wipe a tear, understand / that life is borrowed, we can’t own / speed and light will bring your spirit home.

So many lines of this song pushed my poignant-feelings button; I felt like the universe was speaking to me and my current position in life (about to leave a secure, traditional job, move to a new country, and try to make a living doing what I love).

Just wanted to spread the message, in case it is speaks to any of you, wherever you are in life!

Wishing you rainbows and Irish flute music,



4 thoughts on “May the Kindness: A Message from the Universe

  1. Very good message. And just now I read a friend’s tweet saying ” Don’t be scared to be free”…I guess the universe has a way of talking to us. Thanks for this message😊


    1. Thank you, and you’re most welcome! The country is very soothing to me. I can literally feel tension going out of my body when I drive into the trees and hills I call home.


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