Articles of the week…

I took a mini staycation this weekend to play around with some art techniques I’ve been itching to try. The staycation was great. I highly recommend them to people who need to take their mind off of its beaten path!

And here are some articles which have also been helping me distract myself from projects that are stuck in limbo…


In “Harem Pants: 2000 Years of History,” M. Miles of the Elephant Pants Blog (yep, I don’t usually do this, but shout out to myself!) lays out of the surprising history of today’s “harem pants.”

My favorite thing about this article? There’s a surprising, ironic twist. Harem pants were once worn by Eastern women as symbols of modesty and traditionalism. Ever since the West took them up, they have symbolized defiance of social norms. I couldn’t help but laugh when I made that discovery!

In an article about plastic surgery in South Korea, Dodal Stewart writes for Jezebel about how this nation’s ce’st la vie attitude about plastic surgery and the intense pressure on young women to conform to beauty standards is literally changing the face of Korean youth.

My favorite thing about this article? It has the hallmarks of journalistic integrity. The issue is taken to its source, as young Korean girls and representatives of the Korean plastic surgery industry are interviewed. It also airs both the positive and negative side of a controversial issue.


And last but not least, I give you The Cardboard Box Officea blog run by an amazing family trio. The Cardboard Box Office features images from iconic movies, remade out of cardboard and other household supplies. Above is “Walk, Forest, Walk!”

My favorite thing about this blog? I just can’t imagine growing up in a more fun-loving home. Props to mommy and daddy. (Lots of props. So they can keep making these awesome vignettes!)

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