Step one) Be an amazing editor.

A Simon & Schuster/Penguin Random House/Harper Collins expat. The magic behind the pages of Ken Follet, Isabel Allende, Jennifer Weiner, Bruce Springstein, Cyndi Lauper… Someone who says “for me, the goal of every edit, no matter how big or small, is to build a stronger bridge between writer and reader.”

Step two) Offer your services on a freelance platform.

Not just any old freelance platform, but a beautiful, niche platform–like Reedsy.

Step three) After reviewing a sample of a young writer’s debut novel, say this:

Hi, Mallory- Thanks so much for getting in touch. I love the feel of the world you’ve created; I’m pretty burned out on all the dystopian YA fiction that’s crossed my desk in the last few years, so I’m always happy when writers draw from a different creative well. I don’t anticipate a need for massive revision; you seem like a thoughtful writer and I respect the style you’ve established. But there are certainly opportunities for polishing and streamlining.  I think I’d really enjoy working on your book.

Image result for brigitte bardot jumping

I am thrilled to be working with Aja Pollock on my debut novel, Eleanor.  

In publishing Eleanor, objective numero uno, for me, is to release a book I feel proud of. Towards that goal, I have edited the manuscript eight times myself. I have also gotten feedback from a handful of close friends–some for their powers of constructive criticism and others, let’s be honest, for their unconditional enthusiasm.

Still, the opportunity to work with Aja feels like a Godsend to me. I’m sure that her professional insight will boost Eleanor to the next level. Besides that, I expect that some of the lessons I gain through the editorial process will be applicable to future projects. I’m so excited to learn (and share my lessons with you all)!

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